4 Loop Bags

The most universal Big-Bag type. Characterized by comfort in use, storage and transportation. Taking into consideration the method of filling and emptying, these bags may be used as repeatable usage bags.

4 Loop BagsType-C-Bag-FIBC-Conductive-Bag
  • Made of Polypropylene Fabric with an addition of UV-stabilizer
  • Possibility to use Foil/Polyethylene/High Barrier/Anti-static liners
  • Capacity dependent on bulk density of the product with a guaranteed Safety Factor 5:1 or, in case of dangerous materials – 6:1 confirmed by a respective certificate
  • Top construction: open, with skirt and filling spout
  • Bottom construction: flat, with skirt and discharge spout
  • Printing upto 4 colors
  • Q-Bag – bag with inside stabilizers which help maintain the bag’s form once the bag has been already filled. Due to this design storage space could be reduced and also transportation cost could be reduced.
  • Food and Pharma Grade Bags are available with adequate certificates
  • Type-C Conductive Bags are available with adequate certificates.
 Cross corner    Edge Corner    Sides Tunels   Covered   With Additional Loops      With a Double Loading Belt             With a Single Loading Belt
 Cross corner           Edge Corner              Sides Tunels                 Covered           With Additional Loops  With a Double             With a Single                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Loading Belt                 LoadingBelt
Flap      Skirt         Skirt With Rope         Closing rope     Filling Spout  Open
          Flap                                                       Skirt                             Skirt With Rope                   Closing rope                           Flap                           Open
Discharge Spout     Discharge Spout With Safety Valve         Discharge Spout With Cover       Discharge Spout With Flap            Skirt With Flap
Discharge Spout      Discharge Spout With        Discharge Spout With Cover    Discharge Spout With Flap         Skirt With Flap
                                         Safety Valve