U Panel Bags


The popular U panel bulk bags are designed with polypropylene, which has become the industry standard for judging other products. The versatile, cost-effective U panel structure is very suitable for various applications and can be customized. The U panel variant includes two side panels connected to a single “U shaped” “side-bottom-side” unit.

FIBC bag has the advantages of light weight, moisture resistance, dustproof, no leakage, radiation resistance, acid corrosion, strong safety, excellent performance, and can carry chemicals, cement, grains, minerals and various other powders and granules, applicable to mechanical loading. It is an ideal product to reduce packaging and transportation costs.

The U shaped panel design is the ideal choice for FIBC,which can achieve a very high safe working loading weight. The structure of the bag is a continuous “U” shaped panel and connects two opposing side walls.

Advantage of U panel FIBC bag

Super bearing capacity

Less stress at the bottom of the bag

Square appearance due to vertical side seems

Suitable for screening fine products.