Geotextiles are specially designed to be used as constructional material in conjunction with other Geotechnical material such as soil and rock in applications of civil engineering nature.

It is porous liquid flow across their manufactured planes and also within their thickness, but to widely varying degrees. There are at least hundred specific application areas for Geotextiles; however, the fabric always performs at least one of five discrete functions, such as, separation, reinforcement, filtration, drainage and protection.


    • Construction of Roads and other Trafficked Areas, Tunnels, Underground Structures & Canals.
    • Construction of Reservoirs and Dams.
    • Earthworks, Foundations and Retaining Structures.
    • Erosion control works (Coastal protection, bank revetments)
    • Use in Solid Waste Disposals, Drainage Systems & Liquid Waste Containment Projects

    The principal advantages of Geotextiles are described here:-

    • Space Savings
    • Material Quality Control
    • Contraction Quality Control
    • Cost Effectiveness
    • Technical Superiority

    It is solution for controlling weed growth. It prevents the weeds to grow and yet let wafer and nutrients pass through. Our fabric is UV stabilized and will last even in direct sunlight. Our product usually has marker lines every 12″. These lines can be at more or less intervals, per individual requirement for proper plan alignment.

    • Provide beauty to landscape
    • Prevent weed growth
    • Contraction Quality Control
    • Prevent top soil erosion
    • UV stabilized

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