Plastene manufactures a variety of transport and storage containers (Jumbo bags/FIBCs) for both dry and liquid (bulk) goods. Jumbo bags are increasingly substituting paper, plastic and cardboard packaging solutions for industrial customers.

FIBC bags are also produced out of ventilated polypropylene woven fabrics. These fabrics are specially designed to permit the required air flow through the fabric into the bag. A duffel, or flap is often used as a top closure, and a bottom spout is utilized as a discharge facility.

The Need for FIBC Bag Manufacturers

For an industry that manufactures materials such as granules, cement, chemicals and more, transporting the raw materials or the finished products for further processing or use can be difficult. The substances are difficult to hold and might leak out easily, leading to huge losses. In order to combat this situation, a new solution in the form of flexible intermediate bulk container bags (FIBC) have been developed. Moreover, these are woven by bulk bag manufacturers in India using ventilated polypropylene fabric that is flexible and durable.

With growing capitalism, more and more industries are popping up everyday. With this, the demand for bulk FIBCs has increased. This has thereby led to an increase in the number of jumbo bags manufacturers. These super sacks manufacturers are thus suppliers who fulfill the rising need for FIBCs. However, it is important to note that there are a number of FIBC/Jumbo bags producers in India and selecting the right one that provides quality solutions is a prerequisite.

Looking for FIBCs bags or jumbo bags for your industrial use? Plastene India Limited the best FIBC bag manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, traders & producers who guarantee the best, most versatile solutions. Contact us today for more information.

  • Advantages of Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container Bags

    The reason for the increase in the number of FIBC/Jumbo Bags manufacturers, exporters, suppliers, traders & producers is due to its diverse set of advantages. Some of these are as under:

    • Flexible intermediate bulk container bags are long-lasting.
    • These make packaging and transportation of toxic and reactive chemicals safer.
    • These bulk bags can carry 1,000 times their weight and therefore are suited for bulk manufacturing industries.
    • They are available in a variety of dimensions as per need.
    • They can be filed and emptied easily due to the existence of flaps, skirts, valves, ropes and more at the top and bottom.
    • Bulk bags manufacturers in India make these with loops in order to make lifting them easier, thereby eliminating the need for pallets.
    • These are more economical than other packaging solutions like paper, plastic and cardboard due to the use of cost-efficient polypropylene.
    • They are flexible and can therefore be used to fill up more material than the actual dimensions.
    • They allow better use of space.
    • FIBCs are simple to use and require no special knowledge.
    • These are enough on their own and do not need an extra layer of packaging.
    • These bags made by super bags manufacturers have anti-static properties
    • Granules, small particles, powders and other flowing materials can be easily packed and transported in these bags without fear of leakage.
    • Since jumbo bag manufacturers make FIBC bags easy to use, loading and unloading becomes much faster, thus saving considerable time in the manufacturing process.
    • These help eliminate huge packaging costs that make the end product more expensive.
    • These are a plethora of options available in terms of quantities that these bags can hold, making them highly diverse.
    • They are eco-friendly as polypropylene can be recycled into other plastic products.
    • These protect products from moisture when used along with foil-polyethylene liners.
    • FIBCs can be easily folded flat and bailed for shipment to the users.
    • These are very easy to store and require no special space or extra equipment.

    All the above benefits of FIBCs, provided by bulk bags producers, manufacturers, traders, suppliers and exporters, justify its many uses which are explored below.

    Uses of FIBCs Supplied by Plastene India Limited

    The applications of flexible intermediate bulk container bags are extremely varied. The range from a large number of industries, consequently justifying the rising need. These are as follows:

    • Chemical industries
    • Plastic-based industries
    • Steel industries
    • Pharmaceutical industries
    • Mining industries
    • Construction
    • Resin manufacturers
    • Petroleum industries
    • Food-based industries
    • Paper manufacturers and exporters
    • Agricultural plants
    • Industries that require fine powders
    • Manufacturers of static materials
    • Supplier and Traders of liquids
    Features of FIBCs Produced by Plastene India Limited

    While there are a number of bulk bags manufacturers & producers in India, Plastene India Limited is the best manufacturer, supplier, exporter and trader. We are the most reliable FIBC bags producers in India who produce the best quality at affordable prices. Some of the salient features of our flexible intermediate bulk container bags are as below.

    • Safe Working Load (SWL): 200 to 2000 kilograms
    • Size: As per customer requirements
    • Safety Factor: 5:1 or as per customer requirements
    • Material: Polypropylene UV stabilized
    • Polyethylene Liners: 40-200 Micron thickness
    • Quality : All our bags are certified by Labordata, Germany and Szechenyi Istvan University, Hungary
    Types of FIBCs Supplied by Plastene India Limited

    Plastene India Limited provides flexible intermediate bulk container bags in a plethora of options depending on various classifications. These are:

    Loop Types

    • Cross corner loops
    • Loops sewn inside
    • Double loops
    • Parallel loops
    • Tunnel loops
    • Chain loops
    • Diagonal loops
    • Stevedore loops

    Top Options

    • Flap
    • Skirt
    • Skirt with rope
    • Closing rope
    • Filling spout
    • Open

    Bottom Options

    • Discharge Spout
    • Spout with valve skirt
    • Spout with cover
    • Spout with flap
    • Skirt with cover

    Liner Options

    • Conductive liners
    • Form fit liners
    • Lay-flat liners
    • Food-grade liners

    Stitching Options

    • Standard heracles stitch
    • Standard heracles stitch and safety stitch
    • Single side dust-proof seam
    • Double side dust-proof seam
    • Double side dust-proof seam with felt

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