Plastene manufactures a variety of transport and storage containers (Jumbo bags/FIBCs) for both dry and liquid (bulk) goods. Jumbo bags are increasingly substituting paper, plastic and cardboard packaging solutions for industrial customers.

FIBC bags are also produced out of ventilated polypropylene woven fabrics. These fabrics are specially designed to permit the required air flow through the fabric into the bag. A duffel, or flap is often used as a top closure, and a bottom spout is utilized as a discharge facility.

    • Offers a very favourable package/product weight ratio
    • Cost competitive with other packaging forms (often utilized without pallets)
    • Capacity dependent on bulk density of the product with a guaranteed Safety Factor SF 5:1 or, in case of dangerous materials – SF 6:1 confirmed by the respective certificate
    • Possibility to use foil-polyethylene liners to give protection against moisture
    •  Folded flat and baled for shipment to the user
    •  Easy to store and handle in warehouse with standard equipment
    • Safe Working Load (SWL): 200 to 2000 kilograms
    • Size: As per customer requirements
    • Safety Factor: 5:1 or as per customer requirements
    • Material: PP UV stabilized
    • PE Liners: 40-200 Micron thickness
    • Quality : All our bags are certified by Labordata, Germany and Szechenyi Istvan University, Hungary
    Types of Bags Produced


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