Plastene manufactures a variety of transport and storage containers (Jumbo bags/FIBCs) for both dry and liquid (bulk) goods. Jumbo bags are increasingly substituting paper, plastic and cardboard packaging solutions for industrial customers.

FIBC bags are also produced out of ventilated polypropylene woven fabrics. These fabrics are specially designed to permit the required air flow through the fabric into the bag. A duffel, or flap is often used as a top closure, and a bottom spout is utilized as a discharge facility.

The Need for FIBC Bag Manufacturers

Australia is filled with industries. A lot of these produce products such as chemicals, granulated plastic, powders, minerals and such that are difficult to package. This is where the need for durable, leak proof and strong FIBC bags in Australia is realised.

Flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs) are the best alternative to corrugated cartons. These also offer a lot more flexibility than boxes. The best part about FIBC bags in Australia is that these make transporting products easier and safer.

With growing industrialisation and the increase in demand for super sacks and PP bags in Australia, more and more bulk bags producers in Australia are supplying quality solutions. Plastene India Limited is one of those exporters, traders, suppliers and Super sacks bags producers in Australia. We are the second largest FIBC bag producers in India, exporting quality solutions to Australia.

Need for super sacks Bags in Australia

Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (super sacks) bags are a popular packaging choice for the food industry. These food grade bags help exporters and traders to package and transport products safely without worrying about humidity, UV rays and other weather-based factors. Such PP bags in Australia offer a modern and innovative packaging solution.

super sacks is essentially a thin polypropylene film that is used to line woven bags, making them more protective and printable. super sacks bags convert this film into bags that can extend the life of products.

Plastene India Limited are super sacks producers in Australia who produce bags for food packaging, mineral industries and others who are looking for packaging solutions. We are also traders, suppliers and producers of bulk bags in Australia. Besides, our bags can be customised as per your requirements.

  • Advantages of FIBC/Bulk Bags in Australia

    FIBC bags in Australia are the most preferred form of packaging for most industries. This is largely due to the advantages associated with these PP bags in Australia. Some of the benefits of these PP bags produced by jumbo bag producers in Australia are as follows:

    • FIBC bags in Australia are made of woven polypropylene that is 100% recyclable.
    • These BRC certified bulk bags in Australia can be flattened. Therefore, these take up minimal storage space in warehouses. 100 PP bags in Australia take up the same space as an empty bin.
    • Bags produced by super sack bag producers in Australia are customisable in various colours, prints, sizes, types of opening as well as closing mechanism and more.
    • FIBC bags supplied by jumbo bags producers in Australia are an extremely economic packaging option.
    • Most of these PP bags produced by super sacks bags producers are weather resistant and leak proof, making them a safe packaging option.
    • Jumbo bags have a higher storage capacity. Hence, one bag with more material can be handled more conveniently than a hundred smaller bags.
    • Bulk bags can carry 1000 times their own weight.
    • These bags can be easily opened, closed and loaded easily without use of pellets, making your workers less susceptible to injuries.
    • Some of the UN tested varieties are safe for storing hazardous, flammable and other dangerous goods.

    All these advantages offer much reason for FIBC bags producers, suppliers, traders and exporters in Australia to produce these bags in bulk.

    Benefits of super sacks Bags in Australia

    Just like FIBC bags in Australia, super sacks bags in Australia are also associated with many benefits. In fact, these PP bags in Australia are often used to line FIBCs. This is because they ensure better protection. Some of the benefits of super sacks bags produced by jumbo bag producers in Melbourne are as follows:

    • super sacks bags offer better strength than paper bags since these are tear resistant.
    • These bags produced by jumbo bags producers in Melbourne eliminate product loss by offering resistance against scratch and rip.
    • super sacks bags in Australia are UV, humidity and water resistant, making them a highly protective form of packaging.
    • These assure better printing that doesn’t get scratched or rubbed off easily, making them a popular choice for retail packaging.
    • These bags produced by super sacks bags producers in Australia offer durability.
    • They can be easily transported and are suitable for hot as well as cold products.
    Uses of Bulk Bags in Australia

    Plastene India Limited are FIBC bag producers in Australia who produce high quality FIBCs in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 standards. Our FIBC bags in Australia can be used for storing, transporting and packaging in various places. These are listed below.

    • Chemical industries
    • Plastic-based industries
    • Steel industries
    • Pharmaceutical industries
    • Mining industries
    • Construction
    • Resin producers
    • Petroleum industries
    • Food-based industries
    • Paper manufacturing and exporting
    • Agricultural plants
    • Industries that require or produce fine powders
    • Industries using static materials
    • Trading of liquids

    Apart from all these there are many other applications of bulk bags in Australia. These are the most popular forms of packaging for most industrial establishments.

    Uses of super sacks Bags in Australia

    Super Sacks bags are largely used in food industries for packaging. However, some other industries also use it as an effective packaging method. Some of its applications are:

    • Seeds
    • Rice
    • Flour
    • Sugar
    • Spices
    • Pulses
    • Tea
    • Fertilizer
    • Chemicals
    • Cement
    • Pet food
    • Animal feed
    • Minerals
    • And all powder and granulated materials
    Features of FIBC Bags Produced by Jumbo Bags Manufacturers in Australia

    Plastene India Limited are jumbo bag producers who produce FIBC bags in Australia with unique features. These include:

    • Safe Working Load (SWL): 200 to 2000 kilograms
    • Size: As per customer requirements
    • Safety Factor: 5:1 or as per customer requirements
    • Material: Polypropylene UV stabilized
    • Polyethylene Liners: 40-200 Micron thickness
    • Quality: All our bags are certified by Labordata, Germany and Szechenyi Istvan University, Hungary
    Features of super sacks bags Produced by Super Sack Bags Manufacturers in Australia

    The unique features of Plastene India Limited’s super sacks bags produced by super sack producers in Australia are:

    • Available in tubular (Seamless) or back seam form.
    • Option of white or clear.
    • Various Sewn/Closure options.
    • With Easy Open/resealable feature.
    • UV resistant.
    • Choice of easy carry handle and side Gussets.
    • Shiny print or Matt finish.
    • Perforations for breathability.
    • super sacks bags printed up to 8 colors.

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