Plastene manufactures a variety of transport and storage containers (Jumbo bags/FIBCs) for both dry and liquid (bulk) goods. Jumbo bags are increasingly substituting paper, plastic and cardboard packaging solutions for industrial customers.

FIBC bags are also produced out of ventilated polypropylene woven fabrics. These fabrics are specially designed to permit the required air flow through the fabric into the bag. A duffel, or flap is often used as a top closure, and a bottom spout is utilized as a discharge facility.

Largest FIBC/Bulk Bags – Super Sacks & Jumbo Sacks Producers Canada

When it comes to storage handling or transporting of powdery or granular products, the businesses prefer the use of the FIBC bags, also known as the Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers. Traditionally, many of such industrial products were packaged and handled in corrugated cartons. Although such boxes were double-walled or multi-layered, they were expensive to manufacture. They would also become very heavy or bulky to handle. FIBC bags that have replaced the corrugated cartons now are not only durable but also light in weight. The FIBC bags in Canada that come with different spouts have created a sort of revolution in the packaging industry when it comes to handling various industrial products.

As one of the leading FIBC bags manufacturers in Canada, Plastene India Limited delivers FIBC bags, super sacks and Bulk bags in different sizes. The FIBC bags or containers are made from woven polypropylene fabric.

  • Advantages of FIBC/Bulk Bags in Canada

    FIBC bags can be foldable and made compact after discharging the products. This results in better ergonomics and lesser back strains to handlers. Added to all this is the fact that the FIBC bags are 100% safe and recyclable.

    They can save over 50% costs in packaging using FIBC bags in Canada.

    These FIBC bags can be custom designed to specific applications unlike the traditional corrugated cartons that were manufactured in standard dimensions only.

    • FIBC’s are a durable, lightweight alternative versus other forms of semi-bulk packaging
    • FIBC’s are 100% recyclable, woven Polypropylene (PP)
    • FIBC’s take up significantly less warehouse and storage space – typically 100 empty FIBC’s occupy the same space as one empty bin.
    • FIBC’s can be custom designed for batch processes to ensure your customer’s get the exact quantity they need so they spend less time and labor per batch versus using standard size corrugated boxes or bins.
    • Easier to handle versus 25 lb. & 50 lb. bags – handle one 2,000 lb. FIBC instead handled eighty 25 lb. bags, saving labor and reducing the risk of repetitive handling injuries in your facility.
    • Each FIBC bulk bag can carry up to 1000 times its own weight.
    • Each FIBC bag has integral lifting loops, eliminating the need for pallets.

    All these advantages offer much reason for FIBC bags producers, suppliers, traders and exporters in Canada to produce these bags in bulk.

    Applications of Jumbo Sacks in Canada

    FIBC bags and jumbo sacks are commonly used to package products which are dry, flow able and in powder forms. Even granules and also flaky items can be packaged in these light weight and spouted food grade bags.
    immensely useful in packaging the bulkier non-flowing products like molded plastic parts.
    The jumbo sacks can be used in chemical industries, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, the plastic industries, the mining industries, mineral industries, steel industries, resin manufacturers and other manufacturers that deal with powder kinds of products.

    FIBC Containers or bags manufactured by Plastene India Limited are quality assured and certified. They go through absolute scrutiny right from the raw materials used to manufacture them until they are branded as the finished products and ready for use. The company also provides custom bags and packaging solutions so you get bags that are tailor-made for your needs. No wonder, our Jumbo sacks in Canada by us have created a revolution in the current packaging scenario.


    Palestine India Limited is one of the reputed Jumbo bags manufacturers that delivers quality super sacks and jumbo sacks in Canada. We provide complete customisation and deliver the products according to the customer’s specifications. Customers can select from the multiple colours options to create a unique brand style for their jumbo bags and super sacks needs in Canada.

    Super Sacks in Canada: A New and Advanced Packaging

    Every business often looks for packaging solutions that can simplify their daily operations. If you are into manufacturing business or ship products, a super sack bag may be the perfect product for you to consider. It is one of the most durable and popular bags for food packaging and other materials. Manufacturing industries are using these types of super sacks bags in Canada for packaging and shipping of their products.

    How Are They Different From Other Woven Bags?

    Plainly woven bags do not print out as well as other jumbo bags. Their material is not as durable so they do not hold up as well in the printing and laminating process. They also:

    • Hold up against scratches and rips
    • Are resistant to water
    • Come with convenient handles
    • Suitable for hot or cold products
    • Easily transported

    Our jumbo sacks material is stronger and longer lasting. The water-resistant properties provide a barrier to water, grease, oils, and other liquids. This saves the products and keeps customers satisfied. After the laminating process, the bag gives a glossy appearance which attracts consumers.

    Benefits of Using Jumbo Sacks in Canada

    The great thing about these BRC Certified bags is that they are custom-made. Businesses can choose to place their brand on the bag and increase their marketing range. The high-quality material also allows companies to enhance their revenue through attractive branding and designs.

    So what types of businesses can benefit from these bags? There are many ways to use these bags in any type of business. Food and beverage industries use these bags often. Businesses can use these bags for things such as:

    • Pet and animal feed
    • Fertilizers and pesticides
    • Chemicals and resins
    • Minerals industries for storing minerals
    • Construction materials
    • Since it is a food grade bags it can be used for any food packaging products of various weight
    • Grasses and seed

    These bags are convenient and versatile for your business in so many ways. You can enhance your business advertising using any unique branding. Customize any size and add to your business. We import a variety of bags. Contact us for your Packaging needs and increase your revenue today.

    We are committed to serving the best products with highest quality and service satisfaction to the client. This has enabled the company to establish a strong business relationship with all of its clients.

    We serve various industries including food grains, sugar, cattle feed, fish meal, pulses, spices, dates, agro products, chemical & fertilizer, resin, polymers, rubber industries, minerals, cement, sand & soil and recycling industries.


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