One Loop Two Loop Big Bags

Specific construction of bags (loop and body are made of one piece of fabric) is decisive for their durability and facilitates transportation. They are used for packing of bulk products, both loose and granulated. Application of polyethylene liner enables thorough sealing of bags that is why Big-Bags of this type are the most frequently used ones for packing of fertilizers.

One Loop Two Loop Big Bags
  • Made from Polypropylene fabric with an addition of UV-stabilizer
  • Possibility to use Polyethylene liners to give protection against moisture
  • Capacity dependent on bulk density of the product with a guaranteed Safety Factor 5:1 or, in case of dangerous materials – SF 6:1 confirmed by the respective certificates
  • Bottom construction: Flat, Square, Star
  • Printing on Bags upto 5 colors.
    • Double        Star       Square      One Center Seam
    • Flat                        Discharge Spout                   Discharge Spout With Safety Valve
      Flat                                                                   Discharge Spout                               Discharge Spout With Safety Valve